Frequently Asked Questions?

How does Volumizer Cum Pills increase cum loads?
Volumizer Cum Pills pills are a medically formulated blend of herbs that cause the body to produce a large increase in semen volume. Many of these all natural herbs have been used for centuries to increase sex drive (libido), heighten sexual stimulation, and improve virility. They have been used in Asia and South America for thousands of years as male sex compounds. And recently western medical science has begun to see the immense power the correct herbs can have in men's bodies.

The "sex" herbs in Volumizer Cum Pills support the male sexual system and greatly enhance your natural virility, sex drive, and hormones.In guys, this means increase semen volume (larger cum loads), better fertility (quantity and quality of sperm), and a larger desire for sex.

Is a prescription required?
Not at all. Volumizer Cum Pills is a natural herbal product and no doctors visit or prescription is needed.

What is the dosage?
The normal dose is two pills once a day. Take them with a large glass of water every morning thirty minutes after eating food. You can take up to four pills daily and this will produce better results. However do not take more than two in eight hours, and never take more than four in a single day.

Why would I want to increase my sperm volume?
By increasing the amount of sperm you produce you will experience longer, more intense orgasms. You'll also find your partners will not have to ask "Did you cum?
" Now she will feel you shooting a large load inside of her and this will increase her fun immensely. You'll both have hotter sex.

What effects will I experience using Volumizer Cum Pills?
You'll have a huge increase in sperm volume, and the flavor of your cum will be improved as well. You'll have longer more intense orgasms, an increase in sexual desire, better erections, stronger ejaculations,and an increase in sex stamina.

Does Volumizer Cum Pills do anything for ED (erectile dysfunction, impotence)?
It sure does. The increase in sperm and heightened sex desire will in many cases cause guys suffering from ED to have hard erections once again. The sex herbs in Volumizer Cum Pills will have you getting hard once again.

How safe is Volumizer Cum Pills? What about side effects?
Volumizer Cum Pills are clinically studied and no side effects have been found. Volumizer Cum Pills is a 100% natural, all herbal formula to increase sperm volume and is completely safe.

Will I get a bigger penis while using Volumizer Cum Pills?
Volumizer Cum Pills is not formulated to increase the size of your penis, however most guys experience a larger erections due to heightened sexual response.

Will Volumizer Cum Pills work even if I have had a vasectomy?
The amount of semen volume you shoot will still increase although obviously you will not become fertile with Volumizer Cum Pills. You'll still shoot much larger cum loads and experience better orgasms.

How do I order Volumizer Cum Pills cum pills?
Ordering is safe, secure and easy right here. If you prefer you can call us or email us using the Contact Us page and place your order over the phone.

How do you ship Volumizer Cum Pills?
When you order we will ship them out the same day. Your packet will be sent via express airmail and take about 5 days to arrive.

Are Volumizer Cum Pills volume pills guaranteed?
Yes, with a 100% money back guarantee. You will notice results in the first week, but in the unlikely event you are unhappy with your purchase we will refund all unopened bottles, and up to one open bottle even if its completely empty.